Curse of the Onyx Heart

(The Circle and the Shadow Book 1) 

In Bright Harbor, where Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, and Halflings live together in an uneasy peace, the brutal murder of a human High Councilor has thrown the city into turmoil. Ethan Brade, a young half-breed Paladin, seeks to uncover the truth of the crime in order to defend the reputation of his best friend, who was a victim of the attack. For help, he turns to a young Elven Mage and Junior Librarian, Tilii Eldarion.

The two must overcome their initial dislike, and come together to solve the mystery, then work to save Bright Harbor from a Dark Mage who has returned to take revenge for an ancient slight, using an artifact that gives him an unconquerable source of magic. Ethan and Tilii join forces with Kit, a young Halfling Thief, and Holo, a dwarven changeling, to defend the city from this new threat. In the process they will brave local politics, fight an undead army, and search the mysterious city beneath the city, as well as go up against the Mages’ Guild and the City Guard itself.

Curse of the Onyx Heart is a tale of heroism, friendship, and romance. The First Book in The Circle and the Shadow, a new epic fantasy series.