Chad Grayson

2 Rules for Life

I know, I know. You hate rules. I hate rules too. Rules are stupid, can often be reductive, and are not to be trusted. But I have stumbled upon a set of rules that really helps focus me on how I want to show up in the world, how I behave and interact with people. So, maybe we shouldn’t think of these as rules, so much as principles we can […]

Meet the cast of ‘Curse of the Onyx Heart’

Curse of the Onyx Heart is my recent Sword and Sorcery/murder mystery mashup (with zombies!) In a city where the five races live together in an uneasy peace, a human high councilor is murdered. Four companions come together to solve the mystery and uncover the source of the threat to the city, which is much more serious than any of its residents can possibly imagine! Here are the 4 main […]

5 Ways to Get in Touch with your Creativity

A lot of people consider those of us who are labeled as ‘creatives’ a mystery. They don’t get it. ‘I could never do what you do,’ they say, and I am here to tell you that is patently untrue. All of us are born creative. We are usually in touch with it as children, and then somewhere along the way, it gets programmed out of us. We learn not to […]

Preview of ‘Slipstream Serenade’ from The Divergent Realms anthology

This is an excerpt from my science fiction story, ‘Slipstream Serenade,’ which was recently published in ‘Divergent Realms,’ edited by Riley O’Dell. This is a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories about neurodivergence, written by actual neurodivergent people. It’s gotten great reviews and I am very excited to be included. They brought him coffee, at least. Cash sat in the uncomfortable chair, at the spare metal table. There was […]

Liminal Space

I’m going to be honest here, people, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. I thought I had everything worked out with regards to my housing situation, but in the middle of march it became apparent that my fiancé and I were not going to be approved for a mortgage on my house, and my parents desperately needed to sell it, so the hammer fell. My fiancé moved back to […]

Meet the cast of All the Promised Stars

I decided to do some visualizations and posts for the main cast of the Broken Stars series, starting with the main characters of All the Promised Stars The book covers aside, these are the characters as I imagined them in my head. so, that’s the main cast. I may do some of the others in a couple of days! If these characters intrigue you, All the Promised stars is available […]
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