Chad Grayson

My Favorite Television Shows of 2023

I didn’t watch as much television this year as I did years before. Actually, that’s not true. When my boyfriend (now Fiancé) Jimmy moved in with me back in March, we needed to synch up all of the shows we wanted to watch together. So, I’ve rewatched a lot of previous seasons of shows along with watching new seasons. As far as new stuff, I watched 33 complete seasons of […]

5 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

The end of the year always makes me reflective, as you can probably tell from my last few posts. Today the subject came up on a podcast: what truths did you learn the hard way? Which made me think about that issue for myself. I’ve learned most things the hard way. I think that’s just part of life for nearly everyone, and these five things are probably not revelatory to […]

My Favorite Books of 2023

When this year started, I set myself a challenge on Goodreads to read 100 books. Currently, I have read 159 books, so I guess you could say I overperformed. Those are print books, eBooks, and audiobooks. I make no distinctions. There’s nothing on the list under 100 pages, either, so I didn’t really count individually published short stories, though I did count the collections. I love books and I love […]

Congratulations I’m Sorry

As the year ends, I find myself in a time of transition. Some things are good. Great, even. On December 5th, which was the first anniversary of our first date, my boyfriend, Jimmy, and I had brunch at the same place we’d first met a year ago. He’d invited my mom and dad to join us. And after we’d eaten, he asked me to marry him. I said yes, of […]

Confessions of a Control Freak

It’s amazing how you think you have yourself figured out, but then something will happen that makes you understand you had everything wrong. You didn’t know yourself, and that’s a little bit scary, but it can also fuel your own sense of wonder. If you maintain the capacity to surprise yourself, your life will never be boring. I had myself pegged and an easy-going free spirit. A real ‘go-with-the-flow’ type […]

A note about something I’m struggling with

I’ve had to get real about some bad habits I’ve developed. And it’s kind of funny that I’m posting this a few days after my social media post, but that’s probably also part of the problem. Basically, I’m on social media too much. I hesitate to call it an addiction, because I don’t know if it meets the same criteria as regards to what is actually going on in the […]
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