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A Rant about what the f* I think I’m doing.

‘Four Thousand Weeks,’ which at first appears to be a time management book, but in actuality is about humanity’s entire relationship with time itself, blew my mind. It definitely made me think about how I’m using my time. It also made me realize I was stressing myself out way too much over things I cannot control and that don’t ultimately matter much to my overall happiness and the structure of …

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My Core Values

Last night, my friend Tammy presented to our writing group on the subject of ‘Embracing Authenticity and Personal Growth,’ and it was illuminating. One of the exercises we did helped us identify our core values. A lot of people wrote a long list, but I found that when I thought about it, there were four that really spoke to me. When asked to, I ranked them in that order, but …

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Great Things About Having ADHD

ADHD has many challenges. Sometimes, it can be hard to get through the day. But it’s not all bad news. I really feel that it is misnamed, as people who have adhd do not suffer from a deficit of attention. We have plenty of attention. It’s just that sometimes we don’t have a lot of control over where that attention is pointed, or how intense it is. That’s not always …

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The Mindset Trap

I’ve written before how hard the end of last year was for me. I’d accomplished a lot in 2022, but none of it seemed like it was going anywhere. Then I failed to place in a contest and, on the same day, got back some constructive criticism on my novella, and that was more than I could absorb at once. I realized something. There is an indefinable quality some people …

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Activation Energy

               It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I have a lot going on right now, and life has been kind of chaotic. I have been babysitting my grandkids a lot, which usually means spending nights at my parents’ house. I was also in the process of preparing to move. My parents own my house, and needed to sell it, but my boyfriend and I decided, for a variety …

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How to keep going when things are falling apart

Things were going so well! I set a goal this year of writing 350,000 words, thinking that would be a stretch, but it gave me a goal to aim for. Halfway through this year, I found myself writing much more than I had expected, increasing my production from 2000 words a day to 3000. This got me much closer to my goal, and on Oct 31, I reached 350, 592 …

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A Personal Update

In some personal news if anyone cares I have done a deep dive on my own mental health issues with my psychiatrist and therapist and I think when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it was mistake. For a while it looked like I was headed for an autism diagnosis, but that doesn’t feel right since I hate routine and love novelty, which is the opposite of how most autistics …

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Equanimity (or, the subtle art of not losing your shit)

The last two weeks has been incredibly difficult. I had a lot going on anyway, but then my son moved in with me. That wasn’t a bad thing, but he’s nineteen. And on top of the usual 19-year-old nonsense, he’s been on and off his meds and has been yo-yo-ing through various stages of a mental health crisis and the whole things has just been exhausting. Every day I do …

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