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The State of Things

It’s been a busy couple of months here at stately Grayson-Coats manor. A lot going on. Like, a lot a lot. Jimmy and I spent a few weeks furiously planning the wedding. We have a tentative date (Oct 12th), and we pretty much have our colors (grey and purple) and the overall flow of the ceremony, as well as our attendants selected. Our priest has agreed to marry us (which […]

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What is Time?

I’ve been reading Jaclyn Paul’s Order from Chaos and it’s all about how you, as an adhd person, can organize your time and your living space. And it made me think about how I was structuring my days, and if I was doing that in the most efficient way. I don’t really have much trouble getting things done lately. I make a schedule, and I pretty much stick to it.

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Great Things About Having ADHD

ADHD has many challenges. Sometimes, it can be hard to get through the day. But it’s not all bad news. I really feel that it is misnamed, as people who have adhd do not suffer from a deficit of attention. We have plenty of attention. It’s just that sometimes we don’t have a lot of control over where that attention is pointed, or how intense it is. That’s not always

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Activation Energy

               It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I have a lot going on right now, and life has been kind of chaotic. I have been babysitting my grandkids a lot, which usually means spending nights at my parents’ house. I was also in the process of preparing to move. My parents own my house, and needed to sell it, but my boyfriend and I decided, for a variety

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A Personal Update

In some personal news if anyone cares I have done a deep dive on my own mental health issues with my psychiatrist and therapist and I think when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it was mistake. For a while it looked like I was headed for an autism diagnosis, but that doesn’t feel right since I hate routine and love novelty, which is the opposite of how most autistics

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Things it took me way too long to learn

Life lessons. We’ve all experienced them. It takes some of us a little longer than others to learn certain things, and I am no exception. So here are some lessons I didn’t learn until I’d been beaten over the head with them a couple of times. 1.  If I’m going to remember something, I’m going to have to write it down. I don’t know how many times I had to

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How to get things done when your brain is an asshole

              Getting things done has always been a struggle for me. I have pretty intense adhd and keeping up with things has been difficult. I spent years trying to write books and not being able to, years trying to keep up with housework and home improvement products and getting halfway through and just … not finishing. My life was chaos.               But somewhere in the last three years or so,

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Just Stay

I had a Dr appointment yesterday and had to admit that for the most part, I’m happy with how my life is going. There are a few things I would change (more book sales! somebody please date me!) But I’m happy with the work I’m producing, which is half the battle. It took a lot to get here. I had to break everything down and then put it back together

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A combination disclaimer/rant. A disclaimerant

A lot of people claim adhd is not a thing for you if you can actually accomplish things. It’s still a thing. The only reason I got a degree was because I studied things I was already interested in. I wrote four books working in hour-long bursts. I like problem solving, so IT was good for me, even if I bounced hard off of programming and other types of coding.

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