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A Personal Update

credit Jasjit Syan on Scorpio 3 x 3 rubiks cube

In some personal news if anyone cares I have done a deep dive on my own mental health issues with my psychiatrist and therapist and I think when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it was mistake.

For a while it looked like I was headed for an autism diagnosis, but that doesn’t feel right since I hate routine and love novelty, which is the opposite of how most autistics operate. Things is, autistics and ADHD people have a lot of crossover characteristics, and one of the primary impacts of ADHD is emotional dysregulation, which I think is how I ended up with the bipolar diagnosis.

All that to say, I think I have the full suite of ADHD symptoms and that is my issue. I am letting go of the bipolar diagnosis. I do have some recurring depression, but it’s usually triggered by something which is how it operates in, yep, ADHD. Also, I have a comorbid anxiety disorder. It’s been good to get clear on this so i can be on the appropriate treatment and not be over medicated. I have gone off most of the mood stabilizers and been fine. I’m feeling my emotions these days, not having them be masked by medication and that was a little bit of a rough transition but I’m dealing with it ok.

So, not bipolar, just really super ADHD. Adjust your player cards accordingly.

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