Chad Grayson

Confusing the Algorithm

I think I’m confusing the algorithm.

I’ve finished five complete works of fiction so far this year. They are:

A romantic sci-fi novel.

An epic fantasy short story.

A contemporary paranormal romance novella.

A secondary world Urban Fantasy Novel

A steampunk murder mystery short story.

All of these will be published, one way or the other, maybe by me. All of them under the name Chad Grayson.

I’m currently working on two projects:

Another sci-fi romance.

An epic fantasy litrpg novella.  

Brand? What is this brand you speak of?

Here’s where people advise you to have a different pen name for every genre you write in. It took me a long time to accept the name that I have, and the person who went along with it. I don’t want to use a pen name.

So, I’m going to confuse the algorithm.

But I do have an author brand. Sort of. It is:

Contemplation of big ideas (love, loss, the universe, justice, what we owe to each other and what we owe to ourselves)

A focus on the emotional connections between characters. Romance (often queer), yes, but all other types of relationships as well.

An examination of speculative element (though rarely hard science).

I mean, is that a brand? I think it is. It’s the only one I have and unless I want to be split into five people and deal with all that entails, that is all the brand I’m ever going to have.

I’m still probably destined to confuse the algorithm.

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