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The 5 Stages of an Author’s Career

The other day my writing group was discussing a post by Dean Wesley Smith, about five levels in a writer’s life. It was focused on their skill level, and while I found it valid, it also didn’t speak much to me. I started thinking about the various levels there are to a writer’s actual career (and I use the term loosely). There are five distinct stages to this, with a […]

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Flight of Ideas

A lot of people like to ask writers, and other creative types, ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ And that is, in many ways, the wrong question. I, like many other writers, have a thousand ideas before breakfast (to plagiarize Lewis Carroll). Coming up with ideas is not the problem. At least, it’s not the problem the way the people who are asking about it mean it. Ideas kind of

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Blade of Shadows, Wings of Light Preview

here is a preview from Blade of Shadows, Wings of Light. The book is available now in ebook and paperback. Get it here. There was no safety to be had. Weaving in and out of the struggling mass of people were two tall figures. They were dressed in dark armor, with spiky helms fitted to their heads. They looked like refugees from a fantasy movie. They seemed unaffected by whatever

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Cover Reveal: Blade of Shadows, Wings of Light

In the final stages of getting this book uploaded, but for now here is the cover and blurb for the giant urban fantasy novel, the first book in a new series. Who—or what—is Jack Bainbridge? Jack Bainbridge thinks he’s just an ordinary college student, studying to be a teacher. But if that’s true, why have the Reaper of Strife and his warriors come to capture him? Rescued by a Holy

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Book Giveaway!

I am giving away five paperback copies of my books to people who promise to leave an honest review at Amazon, goodreads, or any other place you like to do that. If you want in, send me a message through this website (there’s a contact form at the top of the screen) with your name and address, where you would leave the review, and which book you’d like. If I

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Writing Since Doing it Full Time

               It’s been four years, almost exactly, since I devoted myself to writing full time. And, in many ways, it’s gone well, even if I am by no means a bestseller. I’ve written eight books in those four years, and released five of them, with two more to come out later this year. And I’ve learned some things along the way, mostly about how my process works (or doesn’t). So,

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It’s been kind of a weird month. I’m back in the word mines, trying to write 2500 words a day, four days a week, plus a weekly blog post. The first week went well. I ended up with about 11,000 words plus the blog post, which felt like progress. This last week didn’t go so well, since we had several days of appointments, plus I am dealing with the return

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How My Books Get Written

               A lot of people like to ask writers where their ideas come from, and how those ideas lead to the development of a whole-ass novel or series. And it’s an interesting question, one I don’t necessarily have consistent answers for. Every book is different, at least for me.                Usually, the first thing that comes to me is a scenario. For the All the Promised Stars it was the

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The Soul Cages Cover and Blurb Reveal

Here is the cover and blurb for my new standalone paranormal romance novella, The Soul Cages. It should be out sometime next week, at which time I will update with a buy link. When Adam, a middle school teacher, meets Jeremy, a musician, sparks fly, and the feeling is definitely mutual. What Adam soon learns, however, is that Jeremy is part of a package deal. He is bound psychically to

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To AI or not to AI

There’s been a lot of hubbub lately both online and in the media about the new AI tools that have been created. It started out with art, and then moved into the realm of writing, with the coming of various tools that are supposed to be able to generate original content. Reactions have been varied. Some people have embraced these tools as the wave of the future. Others have drawn

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