Chad Grayson

Portrait of the Writer as a (No Longer) Young Man

               50. Oof. It’s here. I didn’t believe it would actually arrive, or rather, I’d hoped it wouldn’t. I guess I’d hoped to stay in some sort of liminal space, not dying but not getting any older, either. Of course, that option is denied to us, and in that, I am not special.                And now that it’s here, I feel … fine? I did not, upon waking on the …

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My Secret Origin

I have been in love with story since before I even knew what it was, before I could separate fiction from reality (jury’s still out on how well I can do that). My parents and grandparents read to me from the time I was an infant. My grandmother disliked the nastier details involved in some fairy tales, so instead she read me A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh stories, so these …

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2023: Refinement, not Revolution

               The first day of the year is always a time for reflection, at least for me. Not for everyone. For some, it’s a time to recover from a hangover, but I digress. It’s my tradition to take a walk every January 1st and look back on the year that’s just passed and set some expectations/goals for the year to come. So, I did that this morning.                And really, …

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How to keep going when things are falling apart

Things were going so well! I set a goal this year of writing 350,000 words, thinking that would be a stretch, but it gave me a goal to aim for. Halfway through this year, I found myself writing much more than I had expected, increasing my production from 2000 words a day to 3000. This got me much closer to my goal, and on Oct 31, I reached 350, 592 …

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The Sun and the Star and the 30-minute Ugly cry

I almost didn’t post this, but a confessional blogging style is sort of my brand, so I thought: fuck it! You’re welcome.                Yesterday, they released the cover for The Sun and the Star, which is Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro’s Solangelo adventure they’ve been promising for a while. And when I saw it, I ugly-cried for thirty minutes. And my reaction surprised me, but I know the reason for …

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Ahem ….

Between the Sacred Stars is now available for preorder! Everything Changes                Journalist Will Corwin and Doctor Amelia Warren have been apart for a month, while Will finishes building the school in honor of Father Morgan, the priest killed by hybrid alien terrorist Nod Corvus. But things get complicated when Amelia’s ex-boyfriend shows up out of the blue with an offer…he knows where Amelia’s father is—the man they need to …

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