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My Favorite Television Shows of 2023

I didn’t watch as much television this year as I did years before. Actually, that’s not true. When my boyfriend (now Fiancé) Jimmy moved in with me back in March, we needed to synch up all of the shows we wanted to watch together. So, I’ve rewatched a lot of previous seasons of shows along with watching new seasons. As far as new stuff, I watched 33 complete seasons of […]

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My Favorite Books of 2023

When this year started, I set myself a challenge on Goodreads to read 100 books. Currently, I have read 159 books, so I guess you could say I overperformed. Those are print books, eBooks, and audiobooks. I make no distinctions. There’s nothing on the list under 100 pages, either, so I didn’t really count individually published short stories, though I did count the collections. I love books and I love

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Social Media Showdown

Twitter used to be the place for artists, writers, journalists, and other professionals to hang out online. It had great discoverability, and people built huge followings seemingly from scratch. People sold books, connected with agents and editors, and became (sometimes unfortunately) celebrities based on the pithy comments they posted about matters both serious and inane. At its height, it had over 528.3 million monthly active users. If you wanted to

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Things that are Making Me Happy, again …

Every once in a while, I write about the things I am enjoying, and good things that have happened to me. So, here is another installment of Things that are Making Me Happy Right Now Last Exit by Max Gladstone                Last Exit is an urban fantasy with serious Dark Tower vibes. Ten years ago, a band of young companions explored a series of parallel worlds. But things went wrong,

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