Chad Grayson

What Pride Means To Me

Step into the wayback machine with me for a moment. The year is 1995. It’s the middle of summer. I am sitting in a movie theater with my best friend, Jennie, and we are watching one of the most popular films of that year, Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. <I thought you were going to write about Pride, you say? Give me a moment.> Now, this is an entertaining film, made with […]

A preview of The Soul Cages

here is a short preview of The Soul Cages, my new queer paranormal romance novella. Jeremy noticed the guy with the glasses halfway through his second set. Actually, that wasn’t true. The guy had come in halfway through his first set, in the company of a couple of friends. Now his friends were gone, and he was still there, alone, nursing a drink and focusing all his attention on watching […]

How My Books Get Written

               A lot of people like to ask writers where their ideas come from, and how those ideas lead to the development of a whole-ass novel or series. And it’s an interesting question, one I don’t necessarily have consistent answers for. Every book is different, at least for me.                Usually, the first thing that comes to me is a scenario. For the All the Promised Stars it was the […]

The Soul Cages Cover and Blurb Reveal

Here is the cover and blurb for my new standalone paranormal romance novella, The Soul Cages. It should be out sometime next week, at which time I will update with a buy link. When Adam, a middle school teacher, meets Jeremy, a musician, sparks fly, and the feeling is definitely mutual. What Adam soon learns, however, is that Jeremy is part of a package deal. He is bound psychically to […]

To AI or not to AI

There’s been a lot of hubbub lately both online and in the media about the new AI tools that have been created. It started out with art, and then moved into the realm of writing, with the coming of various tools that are supposed to be able to generate original content. Reactions have been varied. Some people have embraced these tools as the wave of the future. Others have drawn […]

The Mindset Trap

I’ve written before how hard the end of last year was for me. I’d accomplished a lot in 2022, but none of it seemed like it was going anywhere. Then I failed to place in a contest and, on the same day, got back some constructive criticism on my novella, and that was more than I could absorb at once. I realized something. There is an indefinable quality some people […]
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