Chad Grayson

How to keep going when things are falling apart

Things were going so well! I set a goal this year of writing 350,000 words, thinking that would be a stretch, but it gave me a goal to aim for. Halfway through this year, I found myself writing much more than I had expected, increasing my production from 2000 words a day to 3000. This got me much closer to my goal, and on Oct 31, I reached 350, 592 […]

The Sun and the Star and the 30-minute Ugly cry

I almost didn’t post this, but a confessional blogging style is sort of my brand, so I thought: fuck it! You’re welcome.                Yesterday, they released the cover for The Sun and the Star, which is Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro’s Solangelo adventure they’ve been promising for a while. And when I saw it, I ugly-cried for thirty minutes. And my reaction surprised me, but I know the reason for […]

Ahem ….

Between the Sacred Stars is now available for preorder! Everything Changes                Journalist Will Corwin and Doctor Amelia Warren have been apart for a month, while Will finishes building the school in honor of Father Morgan, the priest killed by hybrid alien terrorist Nod Corvus. But things get complicated when Amelia’s ex-boyfriend shows up out of the blue with an offer…he knows where Amelia’s father is—the man they need to […]

Confusing the Algorithm

I think I’m confusing the algorithm. I’ve finished five complete works of fiction so far this year. They are: A romantic sci-fi novel. An epic fantasy short story. A contemporary paranormal romance novella. A secondary world Urban Fantasy Novel A steampunk murder mystery short story. All of these will be published, one way or the other, maybe by me. All of them under the name Chad Grayson. I’m currently working […]

A Personal Update

In some personal news if anyone cares I have done a deep dive on my own mental health issues with my psychiatrist and therapist and I think when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it was mistake. For a while it looked like I was headed for an autism diagnosis, but that doesn’t feel right since I hate routine and love novelty, which is the opposite of how most autistics […]

some quick updates

i have been very busy the last couple of months. I wrote a short story to submit to writers of the future, so we’ll see what happens with that. Then I wrote an paranormal romance novella I plan to release this fall sometime. It’s a gay love story with ghosts! Very different than anything I’ve ever written before, not least because it takes on modern day earth. Between The Sacred […]
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