Chad Grayson

How to get things done when your brain is an asshole

              Getting things done has always been a struggle for me. I have pretty intense adhd and keeping up with things has been difficult. I spent years trying to write books and not being able to, years trying to keep up with housework and home improvement products and getting halfway through and just … not finishing. My life was chaos.               But somewhere in the last three years or so, […]

3 Things that are making me happy right now

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I was exposed to Covid and ended up in quarantine (yes, again) so I had to stay in my house for a week. At this point, I am used to it. But instead of harping on that fact, I thought I’d focus on something positive. The things I have been enjoying in quarantine (and out) that have gotten me through the last […]


              I got sick of looking at myself and decided to get serious about doing something about my weight, so I joined Noom. Because I am pre-diabetic, it was even covered by my insurance. Well, it’s been a week, and it wasn’t exactly easy, but it feels doable. I have even lost 5.5 pounds. I know it’s not healthy to continue losing at that pace, but it was nice to […]

Taking stock at 49

              Today was my 49th birthday. There were times, over the years, when I didn’t think I would make it to this age. I couldn’t imagine getting here without having killed myself. But I am here, and I am happy, and this provides a convenient moment to take stock.               My relationships with my family members have never been better. I have no secrets form them, not anymore. I am […]

My Favorite TV Shows of 2021

I’ve been keeping track of my books read since 2006. But last year was the first year I started keeping track of the TV series I’ve watched. I wanted to have a list to refresh my memory at the end of the year, as well as pick my favorites. Last year, I watched 78 complete Seasons of shows. These are my five favorites. 5. Wellington Paranormal Seasons 1-2 (The CW, […]


       I have a lot of joy in my life. It wasn’t always this way. I was very depressed for many years, and when I wasn’t depressed, I was experiencing dysphoric mania, which was worse. But in 2019 things changed. I left a bad marriage, and then left behind the dark thoughts that had been holding me down. I cracked through the layer of ice I was trapped beneath. I […]
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