Chad Grayson

The Big Question

There’s a meme going around asking writers to explain where they get their ideas, and some of the responses have been illuminating. Also, I was talking to one of my friends at the library about my books, and she asked me that question and I wanted to come up with a thoughtful answer but my initial response was: Fuck if I know! I mean, that’s not really true. I can […]

I’m just trying to stay out of tax jail, I swear

OK, I admit it, I royally screwed up on my taxes. I used turbo tax, but I didn’t realize I had separate federal and state forms for my health insurance information, so put the wrong numbers in. So, I got a letter from the IRS the other day asking me to resubmit my information, at which point I discovered the mistake. No problem. All I have to do is resubmit […]

A late-night rant I will probably regret posting in the morning

Real talk time. I first came out to my parents about a year and a half ago. And I am so grateful for how they reacted. The first thing my mom did was tell me she loved me, and my dad just shrugged and said it was fine. Coming out to my children, wasn’t as hard, but they reacted well too, and I have never been closer to these, the […]

Places of Refuge

I put librarian in my tag line mostly as a joke. I do not have a degree in library science, but I do work at a library, and do most of the things librarians do. And I spend a lot of time in libraries even when I’m not working. At least three days a week I go to the big library in nearby Redding, CA to write my daily 1000 […]

Two Years

Two years ago, I blew up my life. My wife and I were having a fight about something stupid. She left, angry, and said when I solved the problem she would come back. I was defensive. She was over-reacting. But something fundamental had changed. We hadn’t really been getting along for several years at that point. Most of that wasn’t her fault. But that day, I knew it was over. […]
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