Chad Grayson

Bipolar Disorder

Flight of Ideas

A lot of people like to ask writers, and other creative types, ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ And that is, in many ways, the wrong question. I, like many other writers, have a thousand ideas before breakfast (to plagiarize Lewis Carroll). Coming up with ideas is not the problem. At least, it’s not the problem the way the people who are asking about it mean it. Ideas kind of […]

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Just Stay

I had a Dr appointment yesterday and had to admit that for the most part, I’m happy with how my life is going. There are a few things I would change (more book sales! somebody please date me!) But I’m happy with the work I’m producing, which is half the battle. It took a lot to get here. I had to break everything down and then put it back together

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I’m just trying to stay out of tax jail, I swear

OK, I admit it, I royally screwed up on my taxes. I used turbo tax, but I didn’t realize I had separate federal and state forms for my health insurance information, so put the wrong numbers in. So, I got a letter from the IRS the other day asking me to resubmit my information, at which point I discovered the mistake. No problem. All I have to do is resubmit

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