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I’m just trying to stay out of tax jail, I swear

OK, I admit it, I royally screwed up on my taxes. I used turbo tax, but I didn’t realize I had separate federal and state forms for my health insurance information, so put the wrong numbers in. So, I got a letter from the IRS the other day asking me to resubmit my information, at which point I discovered the mistake. No problem. All I have to do is resubmit one corrected form and send in a different one to back it up.

Today I downloaded the form from the IRS website but my mother’s printer didn’t want to cooperate so I had to clear the print queue several times and reboot the computer twice. But It eventually printed. Then I wrote what I thought was a very nice cover letter explaining my mistake and what I was doing to rectify it. Subtext: This was an honest mistake please don’t put me in jail.

Then I went to fax everything. I tried for almost an hour, and the fax machine would never pick up. Maybe it was busy? I don’t know. I didn’t get a busy signal, it just wouldn’t pick up. So now I have to mail everything in and hope that solves the problem in time.

This whole situation is asinine. If the IRS already had the information, which they do because they caught the mistake, why do we have to go through the nonsense of filing a return at all? Just send me a bill or a refund at the end of the year. They have the capacity to do this. It would even save them money. But no, we have to go through this process every year … why?

But I joke. They haven’t actually threatened me with legal action yet. We are still in the polite part of the process. And I hope they will accept the corrected form and give me whatever refund I am owed. It won’t be large, if it exits at all.

This has not been helped by the fact that I’m coming down off a week-long hypomanic episode and have been in a really crabby mood all day. I was even yelling at my mother about the printer, and she is the nicest person on the planet.

This too shall pass. I just want it solved. It should be an easy fix. Just … IRS, please connect your fucking fax machine.

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