Chad Grayson

Places of Refuge

I put librarian in my tag line mostly as a joke. I do not have a degree in library science, but I do work at a library, and do most of the things librarians do. And I spend a lot of time in libraries even when I’m not working. At least three days a week I go to the big library in nearby Redding, CA to write my daily 1000 […]

Two Years

Two years ago, I blew up my life. My wife and I were having a fight about something stupid. She left, angry, and said when I solved the problem she would come back. I was defensive. She was over-reacting. But something fundamental had changed. We hadn’t really been getting along for several years at that point. Most of that wasn’t her fault. But that day, I knew it was over. […]

An excerpt from All the Promised Stars

The stairs that led to the top deck were unguarded, which was a good sign. He was tired of being stuck indoors. The door opened on a wide expanse of deck, with low benches built into the railing around the edge. There was a bar at the forward end, but no one was manning it. Three rangers patrolled the deck, watching for any signs of trouble. This made him feel […]
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