Chad Grayson

Announcing ….

Here is the blurb for Burden of the Stars, the next book in the Broken Stars series, which will be out later this month. Journalist Will Corwin has returned from his ordeal as a captive of the hybrid alien Warlord, Nod Korvus. But even as he attempts to settle back into his life and career, he finds the experience won’t let go of him. His mind becomes increasingly fractured by […]

Ask me about my Gay Agenda

OK so today a famous conservative asked what have happened if gay men were treated as pariahs during the early days of the AIDS crisis as some feel anti-vaxers are being treated today. And my head almost exploded. Look, people. I was born in 1973, which meant most of my formative years were spent in the 80’s, the beginning of the AIDS crisis. And you could not get away from […]

New Stuff

Doing some world building for my next series (which I plan to start writing concurrently with broken stars) and I’m coming up with some cool concepts but I just found out that one of major concepts has a name that’s already used in fucking Minecraft which I have never played. The core concept of this series is something I’ve never seen before but it’s such an obvious question I’m surprised […]


For some reason, it has always been horrifically difficult for me to get up in the morning. Even when I get a good night’s sleep, when it’s time to wake up my body and brain go into full-on revolt. I have this monstrous grogginess that comes over me. I get dizzy and head-achy. It’s not a fun process and it takes me a long time to feel ok. I mean, […]

Just Stay

I had a Dr appointment yesterday and had to admit that for the most part, I’m happy with how my life is going. There are a few things I would change (more book sales! somebody please date me!) But I’m happy with the work I’m producing, which is half the battle. It took a lot to get here. I had to break everything down and then put it back together […]

A combination disclaimer/rant. A disclaimerant

A lot of people claim adhd is not a thing for you if you can actually accomplish things. It’s still a thing. The only reason I got a degree was because I studied things I was already interested in. I wrote four books working in hour-long bursts. I like problem solving, so IT was good for me, even if I bounced hard off of programming and other types of coding. […]
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