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A Little Advanced Warning

OK, since I began writing the Broken Stars series last year, I have had a general idea of where I wanted it to go. I had firm plots through book five, but I knew the end point was somewhere beyond that. Well, today, for some reason, I was thinking about it and a plot scaffold downloaded itself into my head and suddenly, I knew what I was doing. (I’m as surprised as anyone)

So, it’s going to be 7 books long. And I have titles for them all now

  1. All the Promised Stars (already out April 2021)
  2. Among the Captive Stars (already out July 2021)
  3. Burden of the Stars (Out November 2021)
  4. Between the Sacred Stars (Tentatively out Spring 2022)
  5. Beneath the Silent Stars (Tentatively out Fall 2022)
  6. The Undiscovered Stars (Tentatively out Spring 2023)
  7. Stars without End (Tentatively out Fall 2023)

I would really like to title book 6 War Stars but I think I would probably get sued. That does give you a hint as to the shape of the plot for that one, though.

So, that’s the Broken Stars series. I am about 20,000 words into drafting book 4 right now. The rest of these books should each be about 100,000 words (except Burden, which is around 125,000). That’s the goal, anyway.

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