Chad Grayson

A combination disclaimer/rant. A disclaimerant

A lot of people claim adhd is not a thing for you if you can actually accomplish things. It’s still a thing. The only reason I got a degree was because I studied things I was already interested in. I wrote four books working in hour-long bursts. I like problem solving, so IT was good for me, even if I bounced hard off of programming and other types of coding.

I’ve learned, through much medication and endless trial and error, how to make my asshole brain work for me. But sometimes I can’t do it, and I’ve learned how to give myself days off when that happens. Executive dysfunction (a better label than adhd) never goes away entirely.

My brain routinely spends hours every night trying to eat itself. I’ve found no treatment for it that works. I happen to have found some things I love to do, but I still struggle with executive function and always will. I do consider myself a treatment success story, but barely.

So, no matter what you are able to accomplish, know that just surviving with a mental illness (or two) is a major feat. And don’t compare yourself to people you think are doing better than you. Also, don’t feel like your struggle has been invalidated by the opinions of clueless neurotypicals.

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