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Teaser Blurb for Among the Captive Stars

This is the teaser blurb (or whatever you call it) for Among the Captive Stars, the sequel to All the Promised Stars, which I plan to release sometime in the middle of July.

*****Spoilers for All the Promised Stars You Have Been Warned*****

              Journalist Will Corwin and Doctor Amelia Warren have started to build a life together on the war-torn colony of Amara. They are even raising a child, Amelia’s ten-year-old brother, Jonah. While Will struggles to integrate his new security detail into his work, he pursues an interview that could catapult him to the next level in his career, and makes a decision–and takes a risk–in order to get the story. When that risk backfires, and he is abducted by the hybrid alien warlord, Nod Korvus, it will be a struggle to balance his life with his integrity.

Amelia wants Will back, desperately, but in order to do so, will she be willing to betray everything he stands for? And how will the arrival of the Duchess Ezri Sinclair, Will’s domineering mother–who very much does not approve of Amelia–complicate the rescue effort?

              This is Among the Captive Stars, the sequel to All the Promised Stars, and the second installment in Broken Stars, a series of steamy romantic sci-fi novels by Chad Grayson.  

So, that’s the next book. It’s with the editor right now. I’m really proud of how it turned out and can’t wait to share with you the next chapter in Will and Amelia’s story.

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