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Things have been pretty busy around stately Grayson Manor. I have been working hard on Burden of the Stars, book three of the series. I have also done another editing pass on Among the Captive Stars, and it was been sent to the copy editor for a final pass. The plan is to publish Among the Captive Stars next month sometime, even if I’m probably not going to meet my first goal date of July 6th. It is what it is.

Besides writing stuff, I have finally gotten my guest room together, so that’s it for the house stuff until I redo the bathrooms, which are in sorry shape. They need painting, new floors, and new light fixtures, so who knows when it will be until I get the motivation to get that done?

So that’s my life lately: writing, library, and housework. I think I will definitely meet my goal of publishing three books this year, barring catastrophe. Burden of the Stars, which will hopefully be out this fall sometime, is definitely taking me longer than I’d expected, but the book keeps surprising me, and I think it’s going to come out pretty well. I had planned for this to be a 40,000 word novella, but it just hit 95,000 words and isn’t done yet. Oops. Someday I will write something short. Today is not that day.

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