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Doing some world building for my next series (which I plan to start writing concurrently with broken stars) and I’m coming up with some cool concepts but I just found out that one of major concepts has a name that’s already used in fucking Minecraft which I have never played.

The core concept of this series is something I’ve never seen before but it’s such an obvious question I’m surprised I haven’t. Maybe that means it is obviously stupid? Anyway this one is m/m paranormal fantasy. A secondary world but one at near our own level of technology.

I can’t reveal the core concept because it is a major reveal in the climax of the first book, but it should be cool. Look for Incarnate, which I should be releasing the first book to sometime later next year.

My plan is to work on the Broken Stars Books Three days a week and the Incarnate books two days a week. Writing 10,000 words a week combined between the two. I have massively increased my production lately, through sustained practice, so this should be doable. MY adhd demands I work on multiple things at one time so we’ll see how this works. I will be enforcing no writing on the weekends and taking sunday totally off every week to maintain some sort of work-life balance and not to get burned out.

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