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A preview of The Soul Cages

here is a short preview of The Soul Cages, my new queer paranormal romance novella. Jeremy noticed the guy with the glasses halfway through his second set. Actually, that wasn’t true. The guy had come in halfway through his first set, in the company of a couple of friends. Now his friends were gone, and he was still there, alone, nursing a drink and focusing all his attention on watching […]

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The Soul Cages Cover and Blurb Reveal

Here is the cover and blurb for my new standalone paranormal romance novella, The Soul Cages. It should be out sometime next week, at which time I will update with a buy link. When Adam, a middle school teacher, meets Jeremy, a musician, sparks fly, and the feeling is definitely mutual. What Adam soon learns, however, is that Jeremy is part of a package deal. He is bound psychically to

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The Mindset Trap

I’ve written before how hard the end of last year was for me. I’d accomplished a lot in 2022, but none of it seemed like it was going anywhere. Then I failed to place in a contest and, on the same day, got back some constructive criticism on my novella, and that was more than I could absorb at once. I realized something. There is an indefinable quality some people

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Book Babies: a rant

Can we have a talk about the term ‘book babies?’ a book is not a baby. once you’ve created it and put it out in the world (a process that usually takes way more than nine months) you’re done. Other people’s relationship with it is none of your business. When you make (or adopt) an actual baby, you have a lifetime in which to fuck that person up ( and

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Ahem ….

Between the Sacred Stars is now available for preorder! Everything Changes                Journalist Will Corwin and Doctor Amelia Warren have been apart for a month, while Will finishes building the school in honor of Father Morgan, the priest killed by hybrid alien terrorist Nod Corvus. But things get complicated when Amelia’s ex-boyfriend shows up out of the blue with an offer…he knows where Amelia’s father is—the man they need to

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Confusing the Algorithm

I think I’m confusing the algorithm. I’ve finished five complete works of fiction so far this year. They are: A romantic sci-fi novel. An epic fantasy short story. A contemporary paranormal romance novella. A secondary world Urban Fantasy Novel A steampunk murder mystery short story. All of these will be published, one way or the other, maybe by me. All of them under the name Chad Grayson. I’m currently working

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some quick updates

i have been very busy the last couple of months. I wrote a short story to submit to writers of the future, so we’ll see what happens with that. Then I wrote an paranormal romance novella I plan to release this fall sometime. It’s a gay love story with ghosts! Very different than anything I’ve ever written before, not least because it takes on modern day earth. Between The Sacred

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The Bucket List

I am not at the point in my life where I have begun thinking about its ending. Maybe I just have some weird subconscious idea that I am immortal? But I have been thinking about things I’d like to do while I’m still young and healthy enough to enjoy them. Is this a bucket list? You could call it that. I don’t love that term, but it’s the term we

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2021 in Review

2021 started with sadness and relief. Sadness at saying goodbye to my grandmother, who passed away on New Year’s Eve last year after a fifteen-year battle with Alzheimer’s. Relief, because her struggle was finally over. It took it as a sign that it was time for new beginnings. I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, but I did decide to reorganize my house, and make progress on some goals.  So,

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